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How Will We Engage The Youth?

When I first pitched the idea of holding politicians responsible for their campaign promises, their oaths of office and their general conduct in life, I mostly received scoffs and smirks followed by "How are you going to do that?" type questions.

Our Campaign With Donald Trump

Those are good questions because the youth, at least, know so little of what's important in life and government, that it would be almost impossible to engage them in anything serious, let alone politics. Especially when a large percentage of their general want in life never reaches their skin.

Previous generations felt the need and want immediately upon leaving their parents' care and some experienced that even before leaving the house. They had to have skin in the game to make it out there: a paying job; an education that will result in a paying job; discipline to stay in the job, and so on.

Later generations have not acquired skills to protect them against such needs and wants and their attention span disappears rapidly when it's not about them, their luxuries, social media, and in most cases, their weed. So, as soon as a politician speaks about any agenda that has found a home under the no-work, loose-life, and weed-smoking umbrella, the youth assimilates and participates. Talking about working for a living is as foreign to them as running to the Post Office to send a telegram.

So, that's not going to go anywhere. There is, however, an open door to their attention sphere and that is instant gratification, remote engagement and social media. Why don't we let them play a videogame with their celebrities, which includes politicians, without having to ask the celebrities whether they want to play? We will stream data into the game about the celebrities' actions, utterances, and conduct and the players play against their real actions, not make-believe. Celebrities can only participate in the game by adapting their behavior in real life.

There is one thing that the youth despise as much as we all do, and that is to be deceived. That happens to be politicians' core modus operandi, to get elected and remain in power. If the videogame allows the players to see the characters within their videogames acting deceitfully, there will be no hesitation to drag their game-characters off into a dungeon somewhere. It's just a game, after all. But it's the players' real response to real behavior. By the time the players have made a decision about a character, they will be fully informed on the particulars as they experienced it in the game. That's exactly where we want to be.

On what shall we base our measurement of veracity or deceit? We honed it down until only three elements that are both apolitical and universally true remained. They almost perculated to the top of the brew in which we stirred the pot to find the answer. I already mentioned these three three things at the top of this article: Keep your campaign promises, do not violate your oath of office, and do not embarrass your constituents in public with your conduct.

In a recent survey we found that almost 100% of the people polled despised being deceived and these three parameters address that one underlying theme: deception.

To put this outreach on a wider platform, I created a campaign on Donald Trump's crowdfunding portal and he promised to have his team evaluate every campaign that has attracted contributions. So, please visit our campaign and contribute. You will be able to watch the video from the campaign portal, too if you prefer. There are some very interesting and valuable rewards for contributors.

The video is only about seven minutes but it explains how the game would work. We will use the donations to hire the best producers, animators, and directors to produce this game. Once we engage real live people by using public information, this should go viral all over the world as people would start playing with their celebrities and politicians.

It is evident that the efforts of only a few wouldn't be able to finish this monumental task; it can only succeed if a wider participation rate can occur. We all are at risk of losing our liberties and although not all of us could (or should) be in the trenches, supporting the effort with other means is as crucial as the warrior on the battlefield.

We need your feedback, too, so that we can adapt and stay true to the course. Please leave your feedback; it would be very much appreciated.

Many thanks,
Nico van Niekerk