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All The People of the Entire Planet Are Citizens of The American Universe

Symbol of Liberty; Wreath of Victory; Globe of All People

Every single person, at conception, is endowed with three inaliable rights: life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

These rights can only be restrained, denied, or oppressed by outside forces, which almost always come in the form of a government that believes any unfettered practice of these rights will be a danger to itself.

If inalienable rights such as life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness are innate to each person, it stands to reason, then, that all the people of the world are, at conception, True Americans, in the ideological sense.

But not all people are able to acknowledge, claim, or exercise those rights for various reasons, such as when their first right is violently taken from them. Parents may fail to teach and demonstrate to them that they already have these rights, they may choose to disregard these rights or they may willingly surrender them, or they may unwillingly live under the heel of totalitarianism that prevents them from exercising these rights. The planet is filled with people who received these marks of True Americanism as their birthright making them citizens of an American Universe.

Sadly, only a small minority actually get to enjoy the treasures that are embedded within the practicing of their birthright. The rest live below the surface of the ocean of oppression and ignorance, yearning for the fresh air and sunlight of liberty, which rises up like a mountain of hope, like a beacon and a safe haven for those who yearn to be free.

The United States of America has endured both the scorn and the adoration of millions of people for being that rock, that true hope of liberty.

It is truly a rock of hope because had it not been for these undeniable truths that broke the surface of the ocean of oppression, which rules in one form or other everywhere else, and rose above it all, people would not have been aware of their innate rights that have existed within them as their birthright.

It is our goal to proclaim these rights to every person, still in the womb, born, or already an adult so that they may be in a better position to understand what is already theirs and what to do to reclaim those rights from which they have been isolated.

We want you to join us in this pursuit. Help us liberate billions of people leading them to the land of prosperity, liberty, and justice for all.