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Will The United States Elect a Black President Again?

Sounds like a racist question?

Hold on, think about it for a moment.

If a black presidential candidate is conservative, he will be dragged out, lynched and left hanging from the nearest tree until everybody has seen what a "traitor" to the black-cause deserves.

We don't have to look far to see evidence for this premise. Just look what happened to Clarence Thomas, Condoleezza Rice and others who had the audacity to rise above affirmative action, food stamps, kids out of wedlock, and government-welfare dependency.

If the black presidential candidate is a liberal, there will be no vetting and no background checking by the left and the media, as we have seen. Right away Americans will demand to know more about their future commander in chief and render the presidency under great suspicion.

So, regardless of what the ideological conviction of the next black presidential candidate is, that presidency will be cut off at the knees for reasons that have nothing to do with the candidate's character.

So, the question whether America would consider electing another black president is a technical one, not emotional and not political. Regardless from which political conviction a future black president would come, it would appear as if that presidency would be doomed before it has even started.

So, how did America get to this point where the most treasured sign that racism has finally been beaten back in our culture, the presidency, is rendered unworkable for black Americans?

Let's briefly walk back in history and see if we can determine the root causes of this phenomenon. It is impossible to look at political, cultural and emotional issues where black Americans are involved, without looking at slavery.

That slavery existed is indisputable. It would be dishonest to deny that slavery was the legal labor practice of the day and young men and women were sold into slavery by overlords in continents such as Africa. Granted, there were raids into the interior to abduct able bodied persons for trade, but these raids were mostly undertaken by indigenous slave traders who were specialists with the terrain, language and location of the people.

When the American conscience was sufficiently panged by the treatment of human beings -- in violation of the Constitution -- it finally lead to the civil war in which Republicans fought Democrats to emancipate the slaves. Many other battles off the battlefield were fought against Democrats to reflect the victory of the civil war in the culture and the economy.

In 1915, Democrats created the Ku Klux Klan as the militant wing of the Democrat Party, intimidating, kidnapping and murdering blacks and whites who supported Republicans and the Constitution. Although the Klan underwent many rises and falls in popularity, it was mostly decimated by the violence and lawlessness that ensued from their ideologies, which were the core beliefs of the Democrat Party.

In 1964, hardly 50 years ago, the full weight of the liberation of the slaves were not yet fully incorporated into the American economy and culture. It took the Civil Rights Act to finally legislate the micro workings of the economy to fully establish what the Constitution demanded: We The People, not only some people.

Throughout the 100 years since the Civil War, Democrats repeatedly tried to resurrect the old style economy and subservient components of their economic and cultural models.

The watershed moment in the slave-oriented Democrat Party occurred over a period of time, which can hardly be defined as a "moment." The convictions of Klan members of murder, rape, kidnapping and intimidation caused it to basically fall apart as a national movement promoting white supremacy and anti-Semitism.

History shows us that not the Civil War, not the other atrocities, not even the Civil Rights Acts could bring the Democrat Party and its militant wing to their senses and acknowledge the full citizenship of black Americans.

Has anything of prominence happened that we should, in less than 50 years, suddenly accept the notion that the Democrats are the champions of the black American cause for basic human rights and equality under the Constitution?

Are we really expected to believe what a civil war, murders, kidnappings, rapes, intimidations, murder convictions, and death sentences failed to accomplish over a period of 150 years, suddenly, without cause, righted itself and that Democrats recognize the Constitution's authority and changed their core beliefs? There is, historically, no event that surpasses those of the past that would cause us to believe that the Democrat Party has rehabilitated itself in this respect.

The sad truth is that they have just reinvented themselves by co-opting black Americans as co-slave owners to provide them with the perfect Judas-goats with which to convince black Americans to willingly, singing and joyously follow them into their slaughter houses of slavery. In the dungeons of their evil minds they continue to practice their evil craft as slave owners, more successful and profitable in human trafficking today than they have ever been. The Klan is still the militant wing of the Democrat Party and is even more active and successful today than before, assaulting, killing, kidnapping, raping, and intimidating black and white Republicans just as they have done before.

They set up their slave plantations with federal welfare, which was introduced as a so-called war on poverty through which they took taxpayer money and doused black Americans with money, demonizing the family unit, religion, education and marriage, all bastions of the virtues that keep racism, slavery, and poverty at bay.

Once blacks became dependent on receiving welfare money as their primary income, gaining unfair advantages and privileges in the economy through affirmative action and minority rights, consuming the rhetoric that white Republicans are responsible for their plight became much more palatable. For those who still felt the pang of their conscience for receiving money from the government, it became a question of survival to vote Democrat.

The Democrats also reengineered many aspects of their operations, such as losing their ideological purity to be white and contracting black people to man their front operations, to be their Grand Wizards, and Klan Priests of their order.

This deceit was so successfully pulled off that blacks willingly walked in droves onto the Democrat slave plantations, excusing the Ku Klux Klan members and embracing them as their brothers while the Republicans who initiated, fought and defeated the Democrats to liberate black Americans are recast as the devils, racists and the ones who would want nothing more than to put blacks back in chains. These were claims made by Democrats who still had the marks of the chains on their hands with which they strung up black Americans.

The answer to the slave owners' struggle to keep slaves was so simple it is a wonder that it took them a 100 years to figure it out. All they had to do was to allow blacks to become the Grand Wizards of the KKK and a bevy of candidates lined up in the wings to be anointed as neoKlan Priests. That's all that was needed for fathers to teach their children that they were unable to make it on their own in the white man's world and that their only salvation was to remain in the Democrats' slaughterhouses.

To properly mark their slaves as their property, Jesse Jackson misappropriated the source of the words "African American," as dishonest people as a matter of habit do, to further his agenda and solidify his priesthood in the neo-slave movement. Jackson together with Al Sharpton vied for the High Priesthood of the neoKlan movement, but the President of the United States, no less, claimed that dubious honor for himself when he proclaimed himself the guardian of the black people during the Trayvon Martin tragedy.

Jesse Jackson has been duly slapped down ostensibly for his open-mike remark that he'd like to castrate candidate Obama for allegedly talking down to black people. Jackson shall remain an ordinary priest of the neoKlan order. President Obama is without question the High Priest, or Grand Wizard now.

I deliberately avoided using the words "African American" in this article, because it is an utter disgrace to use that term to label some American citizens to set them apart from the American citizenry. If one carefully scrutinizes the use and effect of those words, they describe and define the four corners of the plantation that was put in place to retain the slaves of the neoKlan and to severely punish dissent. All that they need to do to address their slaves is to call on African Americans and they have succeeded in isolating them from the American experience. Blacks are assured of remaining in poverty, misery and slavery as long as they can find a common foe, Republicans, to blame for their misery. In this manner they are denied a turn at bat, as they have always been denied by Democrats.

Jesse Jackson coined the phrase "African American" after seeing a copy of a poem in the 1989 Black History Calendar that Johnny Duncan sent to Mrs. Coretta King. The poem dealt with Johnny's observation that both "American" and "African" ended in the letters "I Can". That inspired him to write the poem which I copied below.

I encourage you to read Johnny Duncan's poem and you will see that he recognized the liberties and opportunities available to all Americans. But, he also identified, clearly, that outside forces, outside of the sphere of Americanism, prevent black people from harvesting the fruits of individual liberty and capitalism. Those outside forces can be natural forces such as the weather, or outside of one's control such as an invasion; but, more devastating forces are from government interference with regulations and taxes, and people who believe that blacks are incapable of making it in a free economy without the assistance of others. Just as black children hear from their fathers, their "leaders", and their government.

Hence, Johnny Duncan's repeated cries "I can" almost as if one senses that he wanted to add, "if you would just get out of my way."

Not once did he cry "We can". He, as an individual, yearned for his individual liberty by which the collective will inescapably also become free. Changing the motivation away from the individual to the collective is what Johnny cried against.

He cried out to be given a "Turn at Bat" which clearly addresses those forces that held him back, preventing him from breathing the fresh air of individual liberty and a free economy which he could see, hear and smell from his captive state but was deliberately prevented from reaching.

Are Democrats alone in this evil empire in which they constantly bastion themselves against any thought of individual liberty? No, unfortunately not. Many who believe like Democrats do are found everywhere in society, even in the Republican Party, but it is undeniable that the Democrat Party has always been and still remains today the source and safe haven for those who believe that people are more accurately judged by the color of their skin and not the content of their character.

Will America elect another black president? In my opinion it would be unlikely until the heart of the Democrat Party has been transplanted with an American heart, surgically removing every single cell of slavery that remains.

It's not a skin-color thing.

It is a land of the free thing.

Here is Johnny Duncan's poem. Decide for yourself whether this poem could ever be a justification for the use of the term "African American" as we see it today. It was rather a cry for individual liberty from someone who yearned to be economically, culturally and intellectually free.

I Can do what my mind tells me to.
I Can, so Can you.
I Can streak like a Rocket through the Sky.
I Can plunge to the Earth and die.

I Can run and win any Race,
From Inner Self to Outer Space.
All I want you to understand
Is that my Country and my Heritage spell "I CAN!"

I Can try, and I Can cry;
I Can lead, and I Can succeed.
I Can trail, and I Can fail.
I Can fight, and I Can Unite;

I Can adopt, and I Can Stop.
I Cannot hide, nor Can Apartheid!
I Can write and incite.
I Can bleed for my Country's Creed.

I Can defend, and I Can pretend.
I Can hate, yet, I Can adjudicate!
I Can give, but I Can also live.
I Can contrive, and oh yeah, "I Can survive!"

I Can do this, and I Can do that.
All I need is a Turn at Bat.

I speak of my Abilities not by Chance.
Nor is it your Opinion of me that I seek to Enhance!
The last four letters of my Heritage and my Creed spell "I CAN!"

I Can do Anything as well as "Everyman!"

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Many thanks,
Nico van Niekerk