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Waking Up

Why Are We Not Waking Up?

The President expressed his sympathy for the family of Trayvon Martin. We do, too.

But, that expresson of condolences was spiked with a toxic message: The black people of America should be given a pass when laws are broken and other Americans should be blamed for it.

Injecting himself into this matter by entering through the skin-color door, is not a trivial matter for a President to do. It has major implications and is an earth-shattering announcement of the heading that this captain of the American ship is steering.

Many people ask when would the [fill in the blank] wake up?

There are many things that we can fill in the blank in that sentence. Let's try PEOPLE.

When will people wake up to the fact that when those, who don't have to risk their own money, run something it goes out of business, like cities, states, and even countries?

Detroit City Bankrupt.
Pensioners may lose all benefits. City in ruins. Crime out of control. Blacks killing blacks, houses burning. Typical of cities with socialist governments. Don't expect to read about it in the press.

When will people wake up to the fact that when government pensions promise payouts that outstrips the pay-ins by orders of magnitude, that the worker would one day, when it can least be afforded, be left with nothing?

When will people wake up to the fact that we are being given the mushroom treatment (you know, kept in the dark and fed manure all day) about racial violence? More black people are being violently killed by black people, more white people are being killed by black people than the other way around, and we don't hear a thing about that? Wouldn't an honest purveyor of news and information be primarily concerned, and campaign for, all violence to be curtailed and lives to be preserved?

When will people wake up to the fact that Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and other so-called "black leaders" are slave owners -- of black people -- having successfully kept the majority of black people trapped in their slave camps under the false beliefs of institutionalized poverty, sub-par intelligence, and the fatal myth that this is the white man's world?

When will the people wake up to the fact that politicians embezzled their money that they paid into social security? The only thing that remains in the so-called "trust" fund of social security are Federal Bonds.

What's wrong with Federal Bonds, you may ask. Surely, they are as good as the full faith and credit of the United States, right?

True, but ask yourself who guarantees that "full faith and credit" of the United States, those Federal Bonds?

You are.

Not only did you put your hard earned cash into the SS trust, but you are on the hook to make good all those Federal Bonds -- again, with more of your real money. Ask yourself what happened to the money you paid into that trust fund the first time around. No, ask Congress; they know, they did it.

Should you refuse to repay what you have already paid, you are subject to incarceration and bankruptcy, without any rights whatsoever to demand due diligence.

Not only can many things be filled into that blank in the first sentence, many evils exist that can be traced back to the immense wealth that lies within man-made global strife: tribal warfare.

Tribal warfare? you may ask. What does that have to do with anything?


Look at the different forms of government of all the countries of the world and in history. All governments in history's Sovereign was either an individual, such as a king, emperor, or "dear leader" or a body of people elected to be sovereign, such as a parliament.

Except the United States of America.

Here, and only here and only this time in all of history, the people are sovereign. Nobody else.

The Sovereign of the United States get together on a regular basis and elect people to be commissioned, employed if you will, with specific authority to act on behalf of the Sovereign, performing those tasks that the Sovereign needs done, such as defending the Sovereign, protecting the Sovereign, and making sure that the Sovereign is happy and free of threats that cause want and misery.

Unfortunately, there is no money, prestige or power in being an emissary only. There is only real money, prestige and power in being the Sovereign, the king, or chief. That explains why so many wars have been fought, so many people needlessly killed, so many innocent kept in poverty to make sure that one survives as the sovereign.

There can never be two sovereigns in the same domain; one has to be deposed or eliminated.

Nature also does not allow two sovereigns in the same domain at the same time. Violent battles to the death are fought among contenders to be the Sovereign. In some parts of nature the new Sovereign's first task is to immediately kill all of the previous Sovereign's offspring to ensure the new bloodline's purity.

In more subtle ways, it is the same in the people-domain and it's all about the money, prestige and power that comes with being the Sovereign.

Being the Sovereign means having the authority to confiscate unlimited wealth, demand immeasurable accolades, and usurp God-like power over one's own people, without the requirement of applying any skill, performing any work, or producing anything.

Except when the people are the Sovereign as they are here in the United States.

They cannot confiscate from themselves; they cannot demand accolades and honor from themselves; they cannot wield God-like power over themselves; they cannot escape applying their skills, performing work, or producing that which they believe contribute to their happiness and wellbeing.

Fill in the blank in the first sentence the word "Sovereign" and then look to yourself. Look to all the people of the United States, and then look at all the people of the world who are still stooped over under the heel of a Sovereign that are illegitimately in power unwilling (from fear) to recognize their true Sovereign, still in the shackles of governmental tyranny, languishing in the dungeons.

Tell me, why aren't you waking up to the fact that forces greater than we have ever witnessed are at work to depose you in a violent, even bloodless, coup?

Why are you not out in force to halt the progress these usurpers of your sovereignty have made in dividing you up into tribes, so that your sovereignty can be fragmented and dismantled?

Don't you see that once there are different tribes set up, each with its own chief, that the real battle will start to determine the uber-sovereign?

Don't you see the battle that will be ignited among these tribes will exterminate more innocent people than the tens of millions that have already perished under Stalin, Marx, Mao and Pol Pot put together? For the exact same reason as we see happening here in the United States, today?

Do you think that is not happening?

Then, look at the label "African American" as just one example, which is a label we have adopted into our lexicon for fear of persecution if we don't. Some Americans have already been parted out of the American society, solely because of the color of their skin, as a special tribe with candidates as their sovereign in the persons of Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and others vying for that position. The president of the United States has now publicly announced that nobody other than himself would be the sovereign of the "African American" tribe.

Do you still think that is not happening?

Then, look at non-citizens allowed into the country, because breaking immigration laws to enter the United States is not immigration, it's invasion. How are they treated? How are the immigrants treated? Besides the many other things that immigrants and invaders face, the central theme is to not assimilate into the American culture and the banner under which they are invited to march -- and keep Americans at bay -- is "diversity".

English is denied as the official language; the constitution is relegated to the trash heap of antiquity; our founding on Judeo-Christian principles is demonized and those still understanding, practicing, and teaching that truth are openly persecuted; our laws are being violated and not enforced -- by the top cop of the nation, no less; and many other fracturing takes place of those things that has held these United States securely in place, that defines our sovereignty and uniqueness.

These are all preparations to continue fragmenting and dismantling the foundations of the American culture all for one purpose and one purpose alone: so that you may be deposed as the Sovereign.

Aristocracy, communism, socialism, and tribalism are all siblings and children of the same parents: Power and Tyranny.

President Thomas Jefferson first recognized that this phenomenon survived the revolutionary war when back in 1803 he lamented that Chief Justice John Marshall managed to deposit the spirit of aristocracy in a stronghold within the judiciary from where it will be used to dismantle the Republic.

So, why are you not waking up, then?

Have you not heard the clarion call?

American Universe was founded for this purpose. Join us if you have not yet done so. It's free. Share with your friends, they should know how to fix this, too.