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An Open Letter From Our President

by Nico van Niekerk

Dear Fellow Conservative:

I am a small business owner in Agoura Hills, CA, consulting on the design, implementation and optimization of very large databases and high frequency data streams; and the founder of American Universe.

For a number of years I have been working on a solution that will return the country to its Founding Principles and put instruments in place that will prevent such subtle but radical changes from occurring again.

Politicians, in general, and the media have forever discredited themselves as honest custodians of the people's most precious treasures: our liberty and our future.

American Universe: Nico van Niekerk with Sen. Jim Demint
American Universe: Nico van Niekerk with Dr. Ed Feulner

The solution that transpired has been submitted to The Heritage Foundation after I briefly met with Sen. Jim DeMint (top) and Dr. Ed Feulner (bottom) whose staff referred me to the proper departments, and The Hillsdale College after I had a meeting with Dr. Larry Arnn's representative.

Instead of just promoting our virtues, which is largely neutralized by the media and ignored by politicians, the solution has been designed to be the sword of the nation, so to speak, with which a substantial impact will be made on the 2014 mid-term elections, a resounding majority in 2016, and then sustain that position for the future.

To date, Hillsdale College, The Heritage Foundation, Townhall.com, AMAC (The Association of Mature American Citizens) and SALEM Communications are supporting us. There are many other conservative movements still remaining that would benefit by supporting us.

Visit our website at www.americanuniverse.net, register, and listen to the podcasts of my conservative talk show. We need as many conservative Americans as possible to join us in our struggle against the onslaught on our nation.

Best Regards,
Nico van Niekerk
President and Founder
American Universe