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What is American Universe?

The American Universe is a for-profit company whose mission is to perform those oversight-duties that were left abandoned by elected officials and the media.

Nico van Niekerk
Nico van Niekerk, Founder and President

Elected officials have violated the trust for which their constituents elected them which is to uphold and protect the U.S. Constitution at all costs and without regard for their personal interests. They failed in many respects, such as:

a) They neglected to keep the three branches of government separate.

b) They violated their oaths of office to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America.

c) They actively subverted the wealth, liberty and privileges of the people.

d) They deliberately enacted laws that encroached on the liberties and rights specifically enumerated in the Constitution.

e) They yoked the people of the United States with a servitude that rivals that of slavery.

The media was considered the protectors and watchdogs of the people's rights by being objective and inquisitive in their dealings with elected officials. Instead, they became protectors and ambassadors of those elected officials who sought to subvert the U.S. Constitution for their own gain.

The Founding Fathers couldn't have imagined that it would one day be possible for politicians and activists to transform themselves into electromagnetic matter, in an instant transmit their bodies and speech into all the living rooms in the world, and materialize again there to speak to each man, woman and child personally, in their homes. The persuasion power that this has put in the hands of the protectors and watchdogs of the Constitution made them drunk with the spirit of noblemen, bishops and royals of the past from whom our Founding Fathers fled. They divorced themselves from the brutal and wicked oppressive rulers and walked the path in which their posterity would follow with footsteps of blood and sacrifice on the path to liberty and prosperity.

The people will now have an opportunity to join and become citizens of the American Universe, who will invite and accept all those who are willing to take an oath to protect and defend the U.S. Constitution. Since the media has forever been discredited as honest and diligent custodians of the people's trust, and since elected officials have acquired a culture of corruption and deceit whereby they will forever be held with suspicion, the citizens of AU will now irrevocably take over the duties of monitoring and disciplining all elected officials. The people will from now on assume the responsibility of watchdog of the rights ensconced in the U.S. Constitution.

All citizens of AU will forever consider the media with utter suspicion and as irrelevant, casual caricatures of the processes of information dissemination. True information, without political bias, will be disseminated here on AU's website for all to see, comment, criticize and act upon.

AU will invite all people from all over the world to become AU citizens, take the oath, and share in the bounty that the U.S. Constitution provides. It will first be implemented in the United States of America and then in other countries.