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Rubio's Rope-a-Dope on Immigration

This is exactly why American Universe was founded

What happened in the inner chambers of wheeling and dealing in Washington? How is it possible that someone, who was so adamant that the border should be secured first before anything else is implemented, could now promote legalization first? What happened in the "re-education" camps in D.C.?

The question is what was revealed to Senator Rubio that was previously not known to him that caused him to make this fundamental, deal-breaking policy change?

Was he not aware that Congress' approval numbers are plummeting? When Marco sounded like someone who is solidly on cast-in-stone footings with the immigration debate in 2010, Congress' approval rating was around 20%. Today it's 13%. Not all is his fault, but he cannot escape having done his bit to undercut Congress' legitimacy with the people.

Did Rubio not know that the pro-amnesty crowd promised on their Bibles, their graves, their anything-they-could-find that sounded sacred, that the border would be secured if only Reagan would allow the 1986 amnesty first?

Did Rubio not know that the tax-now-and-cut-spending-later crowd repeatedly snickered behind their hands at our stupidity in believing them (again) when the time to cut spending came around?

Did Rubio not know that there is a law in place right now that mandates the building of a fence on the Mexico border, which is being ignored by the very same people who, once again, promise to secure the border if only we would allow legalization first? And he agreed to sing in that choir with complete conviction that we will just kumbaya along?

And, every time do-the-liberal-part-now-and-the-people-part-over-the-next-10-years legislation comes up for debate, such as tax hikes and immigration reform, our boys in Congress, who are supposed to be smarter than what we are, actually believe that the same horse droppings offered to them year after year are in reality figs and if they could only get past the smell, it would taste like chicken.

You cannot borrow five bucks from your mother with this track record.

How stupid do these guys think we are?

We are entitled, no we demand, that our representatives keep their campaign promises and honor their oaths of office without us having to constantly remind them of their obligations or micro-manage them. We don't want mob rule in this country; we want to go on with our lives while they govern according to those principles which we entrusted to them. Not according to their own desires and motives.

Sadly, the people already feel abused and violated which is why the disappointment in Congress is at 87%.

This is exactly why American Universe was founded. Join us if you have not yet done so. It's free.