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Not Affiliated to any political party: We strive to hold politicians to their sacred pledges to the people: Obey campaign promises and oaths of office...
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American Universe is a for profit initiative for the people and by the people to primarily hold politicians accountable for their campaign promises and their actions, once elected.

Campaign promises have been diluted to the point where lying about one's intentions has become a tolerable practice as "just campaign speech."

American Universe strives to instill into its members the notion that a campaign promise is a contract between the people and someone soliciting votes.

Peoples' votes are serious and powerful equity and ought not to be dispensed without good cause and after careful consideration.

Just as one wouldn't tolerate parting with one's cash for a fraudulent product, one shouldn't tolerate a politician campaigning for one's vote based on fraud or misrepresentation.

American Universe will put instruments in the hands of the people to monitor politicians and hold them accountable when they break their campaign promises or violate their oaths of office.

There is a reason why elected officials are required to swear an oath to defend, protect and preserve the Constitution of the United States and other pledges. That is so that the people are confident that those virtues are protected against infiltrators and people who want to harm this nation. But, the people have been relying on the media, the courts, and politicians to monitor and act upon breaches of their trust.

The people cannot any longer tolerate the degrading of the defenses against tyranny such as the devaluation of their vote by deliberately leaving the ballot box unguarded, the media, which are charged with inquisitiveness against the abuse of power, but who became the mob against the people, and politicians who have no regard for their oaths of office, wandering in and out of their oaths violating the Constitution and the people's will with impunity.

American Universe is about changing the relationship between politicians and the electorate to one of serious commitment and overseeing the management and handling of their treasures themselves.